Shinzo Abe Twitter Shot Dead Video – A screenshot shows that Shinzo Abe, the previous head of the state of Japan who was assassinated on Friday, tweeted: “I have information that will provoke the arrest of Hillary Clinton.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Abe didn’t tweet this statement, which is a reference to a long-running web picture. A screenshot demonstrating to show the tweet has been made. Abe’s verified Twitter account uses a different username and profile picture than the ones shown in the changed picture. The Japanese text in the modified picture does not specify Clinton, either.

THE FACTS: Abe, who was Japan’s longest-serving pioneer when he resigned in 2020, was assassinated Friday on a street in western Japan by a shooter who started shooting as Abe conveyed a mission speech.

Shortly later, a made screenshot seemed web suggesting to show a message about Clinton with a timestamp demonstrating that Abe had tweeted it hours sooner.

The sub-par quality screenshot seemed to show a Twitter profile photo of Abe’s head from the side, and the username @ShinzoAbe close to a blue “verified” checkmark. Coming up next are Japanese characters and a Google Translate message seeming to show the English translation of the tweet message as “I have information that will provoke the arrest of Hillary Clinton.” The timestamp shows 1:09 p.m. on July 7, 2022.

The phrase is a long-running web picture that has been falsely attributed to several other high-profile celebrities and individuals of note following their deaths. Some users answering to posts sharing the fake Abe tweet demonstrated that the image was intended to be a joke. But numerous others shared it as authentic. “Makes you wonder, no???” stayed in contact with one user. “Should have known,” said another.

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But the image does not show a real tweet from Abe. There is no verified record on Twitter with the name @ShinzoAbe.

Abe’s actual, verified Twitter account uses the handle @AbeShinzo, and a different profile photo showing him from the torso up, with his arms crossed over his chest. The Japanese characters by his username are also different from the ones displayed in the made picture.

Archived images of his legitimate Twitter account spanning several days this week, including as recently as Tuesday, show that these record details have not changed. Further, no such tweet about Clinton at present appears on his profile.

A translation of the Japanese text in the made tweet shows that it is a shortened phrase that does not specify Clinton. It says, “to rehash, I.”

There are other signs the image has been controlled. The produced screenshot is foggy, and there is slight discoloration behind some of the words. The Japanese characters by the off base username seem pixelated and stretched. It also uses a different typeface for some words than the one that is usually displayed on Twitter.

Police at the shooting scene on Friday arrested Tetsuya Yamagami, a previous person from Japan’s maritime power, on suspicion of murder. Police said he used a gun that was obviously hand crafted, The Associated Press revealed. Police said Yamagami admitted to pursuing Abe.

This is part of AP’s work to address extensively shared misinformation, integrating work with outside companies and organizations to add factual setting to misleading substance that is orbiting on the web. Plunge more profoundly into reality checking at AP.

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